30Pcs Sensor Module Kit With Arduino R3 Shield For Arduino

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Product Description


This kits have 30pcs sensors, make your learning easier.

1 Arduino R3 Shield 1Pcs
2 RGB LED Module 1Pcs
3 Impact sensor 1Pcs
4 Touch module 2Pcs
5 Active buzzer module 1Pcs
6 Passive buzzer module 1Pcs
7 Potentiometer module 1Pcs
8 Infrared remote control receiver module 1Pcs
9 Mini remote control 1Pcs
10 Photosensitive resistance sensor module 1Pcs
11 LM35 Temperature sensor module 1Pcs
12 Touch sensor module 1Pcs
13 Tilt sensor module 1Pcs
14 Hall sensor module 1Pcs
15 Flame sensor module 1Pcs
16 Vibration sensor module 1Pcs
17 Sound sensor module 1Pcs
18 DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor module 1Pcs
19 TCRT5000 sensor module 1Pcs
20 3-70CM Far-infrared module 1Pcs
21 8*8 dot matrix display module 1Pcs
22 Magnetic switch module 1Pcs
23 Joystick module 1Pcs
24 Soil sensor module 1Pcs
25 Soil sensor control panel 1Pcs
26 Body Pyroelectric module 1Pcs
27 Ultrasonic sensor 1Pcs
28 U-shaped photoelectric sensor module 1Pcs
29 5V 1 CH relay module 1Pcs
30 Ambient light sensor module 1Pcs
31 The 3P sensor connector cable 20Pcs
32 4P ultrasonic connector 2Pcs
33 3P*1-1P*3 2Pcs
34 2P DuPont line 1Pcs

Package included:

1 x 30Pcs Sensor Module Kit

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