DP30V3A NC Programmable Power Supply Module Constant Voltage Current

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Product Description

DP30V3A NC Programmable Power Supply Module Constant Voltage Current

Product Information:

The constant voltage and constant current programmable control power supply module is cabinet and delicate, and it put the collection of analog integration and digital control functions in one. Its adjustable output voltage range is 0-32.0V, step by 0.1V. Its adjustable output current range is 0-3.10A, step by 0.01A. Boot voltages can be stored freely and the model has two groups of quick storage voltage. Compared with the traditional analog power supply, it is more convenient to quickly extract the voltage or current required. LCD display on the model has the function digital voltmeter and ammeter. You can view the preset voltage, input voltage, output voltage, the preset current, output current, output power and LCD brightness. The version with fan has a smart fan. When the output current is more than 1A, the fan will start working automatically.

Technical parameters:

Weight: 66g/piece(Host)+16g/piece(fan) Dimension: 79 x 42 x 26mm (L x W x H) Open size: 71 x 39mm Input positive: IN+ Input negative: IN- Output current: 0-3.10A(The max continuous working current is 2A without fan. Note: When you install the fan, please refer the picture and note the direction of the fan.) Output power: Maximum 99W Output positive: OUT+ Output negative: OUT- Input voltage range: 6-35V Output voltage range: 0V-32.0V(In step down voltage mode, input voltage must be higher than 1V),the control button can fast draw up 2 sets data.

Package included:

1 x DP30V3A NC Programmable Power Supply Module 1 x Fan

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