MTO HT2 Two Laser Axis 360 Positioning Shockproof Bracket Holder for 13.5mm-21.5mm Laser Module

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Product Name: Laser Two Laser Axis 360° Adjustable Holder (Two Laser Axis 360° Positioning Laser Holder)                      Type: Two Laser Axis 360° Adjustable Holder          

Adjustment method: 360 degrees in all directionBarrel diameter available: 13.5mm, 16.0mm, 17.5mm, 19.5mm, 21.5mm, 23.5mm

Material: Stainless steel    

Color: Black      

Size: 60mmx 60mm (Lengthx Height)


1. Fix your laser pointer for your work
2. Shockproof effect
3. 60 degrees all direction adjustment, positioning at different heights.
4. High quality stainless steel, long life and durability
5. 6 different cartridge diameter options, suitable for different sizes of your laser products.

Package included:1 x LTwo Laser Axis 360° Adjustable Holder (Pay attention to the size you want)

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