Universal LCD TV 26-65 Inch LED Backlight Board TV Backlight Board Constant Current Board Backlight Driver Board

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Product Description

Description:   Input voltage range: 18-42V DC output voltage range: 65-210V DC Output current: 10MA-1000MA(default 200MA) can be set   You need to know the following important information before buying:   The working voltage of the lamp bar must be any voltage between 65V-210. Can not be less than 65V, if less than 65V can choose to buy other goods in our store. Can not be higher than 210V, the design of the product limit operating voltage conditions shall not be higher than 210V, more than the voltage will appear dark screen or flashing lights, etc.. This product is only constant current, constant voltage, voltage will be based on the voltage of the lamp bar automatically adjusted to the corresponding voltage, so you do not need to be entangled in the no-load voltage measured at the number of volts. In view of the fact that many buyers are buying to refit, and the parameters need to be modified machines are unknown, so this statement: this shop sells the product quality performance, no problem, but not absolutely guarantee the purchase will be able to succeed in light. There are a number of reasons that may lead to mismatch, voltage, power supply, connection, structure, and so may cause mismatches. Conventional parameters:65V-210V [email protected] 24VIN   Correct lighting may encounter problems:   Brightness is not enough, the screen is more obvious than the original plate to the dark, this time from two aspects: Firstly, after connected to the adjustable barefoot try to adjust the brightness control light try can be resolved, if not resolved, pin voltage is the actual test, (Note: I 0V when the voltage is high brightness. Brightness). If the voltage range of the analog voltage mode is between 0V-5V or 0V-3.3V, if the voltage is always at a high voltage, it should be adjusted. If the PWM signal is the voltage is stable 3.3V, this time if the transfer to the brightest or not to have to implement the requirements of the second program. Secondly, adjust the resistance on the board,to increasecurrent to meet the requirements.

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1 x Universal LCD TV 26-65 Inch LED Backlight Board

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